Having difficulties getting pregnant?
We are an online/mail based herbal fertility center with private
phone consultations available as needed.

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Natural herbal remedies help couples with infertility.
Formulas are individually customized using high quality concentrated granule herbs.

Chinese herbal medicine has helped couples having difficulty conceiving for centuries.  A diagnosis of infertility only means that conception has not occurred after one year of trying to become pregnant.  Chinese herbs when combined with lifestyle and dietary changes are often effective at rebalancing hormonal issues and the body's well-being; allowing conception to occur naturally.  Especially now, with women waiting until they are older to become mothers, herbal medicine can give your body the natural boost it needs to help you conceive. 

Both men and women can benefit from herbal medicine and fertility/infertility treatment. 
Consultations are with a licensed acupuncturist/herbalist and Oriental medicine practitioner.

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